“Coach, Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your Retirement Banquet last night.  It was a delight!  Indeed, you have immortalized your-self through the millions young and aged lives you have touched.  Consequently, via of the countless lives they, too, will touch, Coach Joe Taylor will live forever, and the world is perpetually better as the result thereof.  God’s speed to you and Mrs. Taylor.  Coach Taylor, you and Mrs. Taylor are special kinds of wonderful people.  Those of us at your program admire you two and hold you dearly, not only because of who you are, but because of who we are and yet may become because of who you are.  I have been on this journey quite a while and I know “real gold” from “fools gold.”  Coach Taylor and his wife are “real gold.”   Your book is a master piece and should be in the hands of every parent, every teacher, every minister, and anyone who has any responsibility for the educational, mental, physical, and spiritual growth and development of young people.  You left no stones unturned.  And rest assured that God is not finished you yet.  Robert Frost is correct: “You have Promises to Keep, And Miles to go before You Sleep, And Miles to go before you Sleep.”

“When we thought that there was nothing more that we could do, he always would help us find that next level, that other level. And that has influenced my work today ― breaking barriers, breaking some of the mental barriers that we did not even know we had.”

“He was a mentor and a father figure to most. I’m truly blessed that he gave me a scholarship that allowed me to come play for him. There should be a statue of Joe T at the Hampton University campus.”

“I definitely give a lot of credit to Joe Taylor’s program and Hampton University. I can’t say enough about the man. He was there for all his players and everyone appreciated and loved him.”

“I am most honored to have been asked to provide a paragraph of reference to this book which reflects the life work of a dear friend and colleague of thirty years, Coach Joe Taylor. The subtitle, “Success Is an Inconvenience” is most fitting and appropriate. If you know Joe, you understand how the title of this book has guided his personal and coaching life in so many wonderful ways. By reading this book, such statements as “…treat a man as he is and he will be; treat him as he can be and he will become…” will paint the portrait of a dynamic and genuine mentor of young people from all backgrounds and demographics. It will reveal how accountability, faith based virtues and a goal oriented structure became the metal that forged his life’s armor. The book is filled with memorable axioms substantiated with real life examples from Coach Taylor’s rich coaching background and experiences of four decades of young people who have benefited from his leadership. Reading “The Making of a Champion” will become a daily journey until you reach the final chapter; then you will want to start all over again!”

“I have to give a lot of credit for anything that I was able to overcome to Coach Taylor’s philosophy that he instilled in me. He is living proof of his philosophy. You are what you teach and he is going to live forever in us. You would be a fool not to pass this down or pass it forward. You just cannot let it go. You have got to give it to somebody else, whether it be coaching youth football or baseball or anything else. It is all relative to life.”

“It was another one of those moments where it was a window, although it was in my youth, it was a window where I saw some clarity. I said this man, this coach, and the coaches he has around him are doing something different. This is something different that I have never experienced before in my football career.”

Harold Harvey Testimonial